Cardano aims to make smart contracts easier for users

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According to the IOHK announcement, the “Project Alonzo testnet” has moved from Blue to White and is making it possible for Cardano to launch smart contracts.

IOHK is Cardano’s blockchain development team. The team made the announcement recently, revealing that the testnet has been successful in this first phase.

In their announcement, the development team shared the success of the fork “Alonzo testnet” to a new version, “#AlonzoWhitenode”. The announcement also revealed that the latest version has started making blocks immediately.

This new fork takes the network a step further in the launch of smart contracts, which will be beneficial for its users.

Cardano’s testnet had limitations

The first Cardano testnet could offer smart contracts, but it had some limitations. The features of the smart contracts that I had were only for a few people who are knowledgeable about the core of the blockchain.

According to the announcement, the new Fork “Alonzo white” will work for 2 to 4 weeks. It will then be upgraded to Alonzo Purple, which is the final testnet for this current phase of its development.

Yet despite all those issues, the founder of the Cardano blockchain, Charles Hoskinson, assured the community that the project is moving as they had planned. He made this statement on Youtube, saying that the team is following the roadmap they previously set out for the project.

Hoskinson also noted that Cardano had facilitated the sale of more than $ 10 million worth of NFTs on its network. Furthermore, apart from the NFTs, the founder mentioned that the network had facilitated the sale of assets worth tens of thousands.

He went on to assure the community that releasing Alonzo White to the Cardano mainnet will allow developers to launch NFTs, dApps, and other projects.

More developments in DeFi

Following the announcement of the fork of Alonzo white, a DeFi and NFT marketplace, Spores Network revealed that it had raised a whopping $ 2.3 million through its fundraising event on July 16, 2021.

According to the company, it plans to use Cardano’s best features, such as low transaction costs, higher transaction throughput, and low carbon footprint, to make NFTs available to mainstream users.

In recent times, more and more artists and companies are joining the NFT market. Notable ones are Dolce & Cabbana and Sorare, a “fantasy football NFT platform.”

Additionally, Sorare recently closed a $ 532 million funding round. All these interests and collaborations mean more profit for the Cardano network and the people who use it.

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