Bithumb Enters Into a Strategic Partnership With Sogang University

Aug 3, 2021 0 comments


South Korean cryptocurrency exchange, Bithumb, enters into a strategic partnership with Sogang University.

Today, the crypto exchange said it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Sogang University for technology transfer.

According to the official announcement, Yong-Woon Ahn, CTO of Bithumb, Park Soo-Yong, Director of Sogang University’s Intelligent Blockchain Research Center, and Seok-Bin Yoon, Professor at Sogang University, attended the signing ceremony.

As per the news, both parties will share a blockchain-based business strategy. This includes know-how and service advice. Also, they will engage in high-level convergence tech architecture research. Moreover, shared marketing was discussed for smooth service through this agreement.

The Intelligent Blockchain Research Center under the Sogang University said it plans to develop mutual tactics for the blockchain ecosystem.

According to the news, the agreement will last for about one year. Notably, starting from this month to July next year. More so, the report stated that the parties would discuss in the future in case of renewal.

Following this, Yong-Woon, CTO of Bithumb, said,

We will do our best to create a related ecosystem and nurture talent in cooperation with Sogang University’s Intelligent Blockchain Research Center, which leads research on the blockchain industry technology.

Also, Park Soo-Yong, head of Sogang University’s Intelligent Blockchain Research Center, talked about the partnership. “Bithumb’s virtual asset business know-how and the technology of Sogang University’s Blockchain Research Center will create strong synergies,” Soo-Yong said.

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