Solana Foundation and Audius launch blockchain fund for artists

Jul 27, 2021 0 comments


Three companies in the crypto/blockchain space are teaming up to launch a $5m fund for “builders, musicians, and other artists” who want to experiment with this technology.

The three are the Solana Foundation, which describes its mission as “to advance the adoption of decentralised technologies as a public good”; Audius, the decentralised music streaming service; and the Metaplex Foundation, which helps people launch their own NFT storefronts, using Solana’s public blockchain.

Artists can apply for a slice of the $5m fund now, with the companies saying it “seeks to help creators pioneer new works in frontier categories like music streaming, NFTs, and The Metaverse, create new fan experiences using permissionless software, and spur innovation around creator-first business models”.

Technical support is promised, as well as finance. “The onus is on the Solana community to bring blockchain to creators. In order to get 1 billion people into crypto, we ourselves must experiment and reach outside our comfort zone to discover what’s possible…”

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