New York, London, Beijing and 20 Crypto Jokes

Jul 11, 2021 0 comments

Another fun cryptoweek! Circle decided to go public on the New York Stock Exchange, and with crypto market sentiment finally rising, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust's shares were about to be freed for sale bringing a discussion on what it’d mean for BTC price. BNB rallied while Binance CEO had to bow to regulators amid yet another setback, and Ethereum’s London upgrade is set for August but some changes will take longer to have effect. Visa crypto card users spent over USD 1bn globally in the first half of this year, the USD 55bn-heavy fund Marshall Wace is preparing to enter the crypto industry, and TMEA said it aims to expand testing of IOTA's technology into more trade lanes. A New York BTC mining operator is facing protests, while Bitcoin mining profitability jumped. Meanwhile, a famous manga series will tackle crypto in a new storyline.

In the reguland, the MiCA is advancing through its first readings, while there are worries related to stablecoins, small players, and the ‘Elon Musk’ clause. As it keeps bashing bitcoin, it seems that China is not done yet with their crackdown on crypto mining, which could be good for bitcoin long-term, and the central bank ordered a software maker to suspend operations due to its suspected involvement in crypto trading, and yet, despite the crackdown crypto fraud is on the rise. South Korean commercial banks “increasingly believe” only 4 crypto exchanges will survive beyond September 24, and the country's ruling party launched a crypto task force which is talking about the need to “institutionalize” crypto. Meanwhile, a survey found that central bankers showed signs of openness to cryptoassets such as bitcoin.

That's not all. The crypto-using Barclays’ Binance customers began searching for workarounds after they decided to "protect" customers' funds, police in South Korea said that the crypto exchange V Global could be at the center of a fraud network that sucked in some USD 2bn, the SEC could settle with BitConnect promoters, the majority owner of Bithumb got indicted on a USD 88m fraud wrap, the North raided South Korean crypto wallets to the tune of almost USD 310m in two years, and a former Cryptopia staffer admitted to stealing customer data and some USD 176,000 worth of crypto.

And now, their memejesties, the jokes.

Heey, CT! How's everything?

Let's see what do analysts say is ahead of us.


It's the little things...

The Great Migration of our time.

No worries, you and your money are safe now.

A look into the distant past.

The altcoin purchasers/holders 23 hours a day.

For the shitcoin purchasers/holders.

Absolutely, no worries!

The Elon effect, commonly known as the elonffect.

This is an example of the verb 'to elon'.

Speaking of experts:

SaylorMoon vs. Wild Yellen

Not even a flinch.

Sure we know how. Step 1: catsuit up!

And then get to work.

Here's evidence in writing. Also, my cousin's second husband's sister-in-law's stepmother's neighbour says China developed corona in a lab to kill bitcoins. Or was it the other way around...

And for the weekend, first an educational documentary...

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