Charles Hoskinson admits spying on Cardano rival Polkadot for ‘ideas’

Jun 19, 2021 0 comments

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Input Output Global (IOG) Chief Executive Officer Charles Hoskinson recently gave some insights into how things work with the cryptocurrency industry, saying projects tend to “snoop” on each other all the time.

At the Lex Fridman Show, comparing Cardano and Polkadot, the CEO praised the latter for its focus on the commercial aspect of their operations particularly on how they curate and manage their commercial infrastructure.

Meanwhile, Cardano is on the early stages of tackling the challenges of scaling while using Polkadot as an inspiration.

Hoskinson bares spying on rival projects

When the discussion took its turn about spying on competition, the Cardano boss said they are actively engaged in analyzing code from their rivals to get some ideas and concepts.

In fact, Hoskinson said his team will soon engage in a private fork of Polkadot to study the code for comparative analysis.

“We actually have a whole group of people that do business intelligence and comparative analysis. We’re getting to a point where we want to start eventually forking their code and running private versions of it,” the CEO said, adding that it is just a matter of “playing around with things and getting better.”

Business intelligence an industry-wide phenomenon

Hoskinson, in defending his statements and revelations, said business intelligence is industry-wide. To further explain, he picked Ethereum developers Consensys as example which studied and played around with the EOS code and later produced a report that rubbished their claims.

“They wrote this lovely report like trashing EOS saying, “Hey, by the way, all those claims these guys made are just not true,” the IOG top honcho said.

Hoskinson was referring to the report that was released in 2018 by testing firm Whiteblock that raised several issues including real-world tests showing a 50-transaction per second speed, not the 250 that EOS claimed.

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