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Crypto gangsters steal more than 15,000 Ethereum from Liquid exchange

Aug 24, 2021

image: newsweek.com. As headlines were made last week over the Chinese Poly Network hack by the now infamous ‘Mr White Hat’, a second hei...

Binance denies allegations of market manipulation

Aug 24, 2021

image: cointelegraph.com Major cryptocurrency exchange Binance is pushing back against allegations of market manipulation and working aga...

Bitcoin Slams $50,000, First Time Since May

Aug 24, 2021

image: arboreal.life. As the crypto market continues to recover from a spring crash and subsequent summer slump, the pioneer crypto-asset...

All Binance users are now subject to immediate KYC verification

Aug 23, 2021

image: infinicept.com. Binance has been in the regulatory cross-hairs of jurisdictions across the globe amid claims of it operating unlic...

PayPal to allow UK users to buy and sell cryptocurrency for first time

Aug 23, 2021

image: cryptopotato.com. PayPal is to allow users in the UK to buy, hold and sell cryptocurrency through the payment platform for the fir...

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